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Technological Education and Engineering Sciences
State of cases and future prospects
June 29 & 30, 2022

The professions of today and tomorrow largely fall within the sphere of technology and engineering sciences. They are numerous and diverse, for both girls and boys. The strength of engineering is to be present everywhere, without our necessarily being aware of it. This is why there are so many prospects.

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Towards Scientific and Technological professions

Technological advances are transforming our environment and the way we work and live. The tools and skills acquired through research allow us to orient ourselves in such an environment.

The construction of the European space and the globalization of research will ultimately lead to situations of strong competition between national communities but also to the transfer of graduates from training areas to the most attractive employment areas.

“Science” is at the heart of this battle for intelligence. This is why the sudden drop in student numbers in a few scientific disciplines has been widely publicized and has generated real concern among academics.

Countries must therefore strengthen their capacities in science, technology and engineering in order to be able to offer sustainable solutions to the challenges they face in areas such as health, agriculture, communications, energy and the development of industry and infrastructure.

Engineering capability, using science and technology to develop everyday products and services, is key to finding the right solutions, especially at a time when there is a shortage of engineers. In particular, engineering programs must be more focused on the search for sustainable solutions, more specifically oriented, for example, in the field of transport, and these programs must seek to attract young talents, but also to encourage young women to pursue a career in engineering.

The discovery and development of renewable energy sources is one of the keys to sustainable development. Building capacity to develop national renewable energy policies and know-how in renewable energy technology is essential to creating sustainable and prosperous societies.

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