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The future Institute has a double ambition, to promote the memory of Michael Atiyah, an exceptional mathematician, who was one of the main initiators of the project, and who has worked hard for the rapprochement between mathematics and theoretical physics or mathematical physics , and strengthen the interaction between the different scientific disciplines.

Founders of ARCHIMEDES S.I.E.E. Projet

The association and future Archimedes SIEE Estérel Côte d'Azur Foundation aims to:

- To promote fundamental science in France and its place on the scene of international research and the dissemination of knowledge;

- Develop, improve and strengthen the performance of research, training, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge;

- Promote reflection and interdisciplinary work;

- Open scientific, technological and digital culture to the general public with real introductory courses.

- Establish a study and research center in the fields of basic sciences, mathematics, engineering sciences, technological innovations, education, digital technologies and the environment.


Technological advances are transforming our environment and the way we work and live. The tools and skills acquired through research allow us to orient ourselves in such an environment.

Basic research is an intellectual and cultural activity that contributes to national status and is important in the education and training of scientists, engineers and technologists. It is also an investment for the future in terms of the economic, social and other benefits that can result from it.

The future Archimedes ECA Foundation. offers French and foreign researchers, entrepreneurs and industrialists the possibility of major interdisciplinary study trips as well as individual or small group study trips. These study stays are open to all fields of knowledge and Sciences, Industrial Technologies and the Environment.

The Foundation aims to be a temple of institutional excellence, designed to stimulate research, inventions and innovations, at the highest level, in a large number of fields.

One of the Foundation's missions is to welcome as residents distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and industrialists who have produced a body of knowledge about the physical world and about humanity and who have sparked technological and cultural progress. .

Pipetting Samples


by making contributions and advising decision-makers in the debates during the development of scientific and industrial policies.

Science Student
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